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Facial Harmonization with hyaluronic acid

Facial Harmonization with hyaluronic acid

Due to ageing or genetics, more and more women and men wish to have different facial characteristics or just simply a more youthful appearance to the facial structure without undergoing surgical procedures.

Fortunately, nowadays we have the option to choose from various facial harmonization treatments based on hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. These injectables remodel the facial features, create a more delicate look, restore facial contour as well as skin elasticity and freshness.

Hyaluronic acid treatments are considered as minimally invasive procedures. Using a special technique, hyaluronic acid based fillers are injected into certain points of the face to improve shape and contour.

Feminization/ Beautification and Masculinization

Facial feminization as well as masculinization, even a fresh look can be easily achieved through hyaluronic acid based fillers. Generally accepted feminine or masculine facial features can easily be performed by a skilled and experienced aesthetic practitioner, who understands the ageing process of the face and the anatomical interrelationships. For the allegedly ideal male facial features, hyaluronic acid fillers can be used to define the jawline and the chin, or heighten cheekbones, while for feminization fillers are used for fuller lips, or pointed chin. Our aesthetic practitioners pay special attention to the whole-face approach, keeping facial symmetry and balance.

Structural rejuvenation

Over a certain age, facial tissue loses volume and firmness, facial contours disappear, and structural rearrangements take place not only in the skin, but in every layer of the face (superficial musculoaponeurotic system, muscles, and bones). In such cases, we must treat each layer to rejuvenate the appearance. Adapting to the anchoring fibres, we replace the lost volume with hyaluronic acid, reposition the tissues, and redefine the contours.

Considering the structural framework of the face, our practitioners offer a comprehensive treatment of the ageing face. This type of treatment is individualised for each patient.

Treatment steps

Prior to hyaluronic acid treatment, during the consultation, our aesthetic practitioner examines and evaluates the patient’s appearance, asks them about any previous treatments and their expectations. Then we set the date of the treatment and clarify the details of the technique used.

During the procedure, the skin is disinfected, and local anaesthesia is applied for minimal discomfort. The injection is performed with a thin needle and/or cannula. The procedure has an immediate effect, but end results will appear after 4 weeks, when the hyaluronic acid is fully integrated into the tissues. It is important to note, that hyaluronic acid filler naturally dissolves over a few years, so maintenance treatment might be needed from time to time.

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