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Izzadásgátló kezelés botulinum toxinnal

Botox sweat control

Do you feel too sweaty, and would like a prevention in the long run? No need to feel uncomfortable with the help of our botox treatment! Sweating is a natural process - this is to maintain the right body temperature. Certain life situations also require increased sweating: feverish conditions, doing physical activities, intense nutrient intake, too much stress. If sweating happens for no obvious reason (it is not related to heat or exercise), it should be treated as a health issue. Hyperhidrosis, that is excessive sweating, may be classified as primary or secondary. Primary hyperhidrosis means that sweat glands overact in some areas of the body or all of it. Secondary hyperhidrosis caused by a more serious illness (hormonal problems, neurologic disorders, and certain drugs).

Both primary and secondary hyperhidrosis can affect the patients’ quality of life, it can be embarrassing and may cause emotional, professional, and social problems. In any case, it is a good idea to consult a professional and find a treatment to improve quality of life and eliminate distracting aesthetic marks. If there is an underlying metabolic or hormonal problem, the underlying disease should be treated first. In many cases, sweating is structural, and no pathological differences are found in the background.

For the treatment of hyperhidrosis, botulinum toxin is an excellent choice. It is most commonly used in the armpits and in the palms or soles. For men, botox treatment is also used successfully for increased scalp sweating.

Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin that affects the function of the nerves. It can alter or even block the function of certain neurotransmitters that would otherwise tell the sweat glands to activate, to control sweating in a certain area.

Botox does not damage nerve endings and sweat glands, so it can be used safely over the age of 18 under 65. The treatment is not recommended in case of autoimmune diseases, during pregnancy and lactation, and in case of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Botox treatment can eliminate sweating not only partially but even completely. As the procedure is only a temporary solution and can be repeated at any time, a break of at least half a year between two botox treatments is recommended.

Botox treatment is performed during a quick clinic visit (20-30 minutes) and does not affect the daily routines. After sterilizing the skin and applying topical aesthetic cream, the botox is injected into the skin at several points with a thin needle. No recuperative time or special care is needed afterward. The side effects are minimal and beneficial effects are long-lasting (average 8-10 months). Following the treatment, strong physical activity, and heat (sauna, solarium) should be avoided for a few days; alcohol consumption is not recommended on the day of treatment, neither is underarm deodorant. For Botox, it generally takes two weeks to take full effect.

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